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Management Team

Caleb Amoros

Caleb has been blessed in his life to have lived in different countries and worked with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

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From his early years he moved with his family to the Dominican Republic from the US as his parents founded a church and non-profit organization helping many in need. Since a young age he always dreamed to be involved with a team of good people! He has shown an aptitude for bringing people together to accomplish a singular goal. This dream came to fruition during college as he led a team of 80+ college students in a non-profit Chicago inner city ministry. His management style is fun, personal and constantly evolving towards greater efficiency. He is known by his colleagues as a “dreamer.”

Caleb met his best friend and wife Abby during college and have been married for three years now. They are firm believers of Jesus Christ and long to serve Him with their entirety. Together with their dog, Roo :), they form what he calls his greatest team, the Amoros Family! 

Caleb started his career with insurance at a very young age with StateFarm. He’s always been in the top sales reps categories and has pushed himself to perfection! He has constantly been connecting and pursuing the industry’s top pay and he’s 100% convinced that he’s discovered it with Family First Life!

Caleb’s favorite drink is a Dunkin Medium Iced Coffee 4 cream 4 caramel swirls

Gabriel Ericson

Gabriel was raised in the inner city and struggled with the hardships many youth in that environment face.

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When a local church outreach program involved Gabe in their youth group, he decided to devote his life to public service and followed his calling to seminary where he attained his masters in practical theology. During his time in college he spent a semester in West Africa with a team of missionaries and felt the call of God to assist underprivileged youth in third world countries. He plans to travel to Ghana this December and start an orphanage ministry.


Gabriel has a wide variety of marketing and sales experience from selling news papers as a freshman in college to managing an account for one of the nations leading D2D sales companies. He joined ffl320 because of a passion to help people in business and to fund ministries he is passionate about around the world.

Joe Basso



Samuel Moberly

Samuel Moberly is a key component to the success of the ffl320 team!

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His analytical and studious mind has helped develop quality in the growth of the team!

From a young he has been exposed to many aspects of life by his involvement in inner city youth ministries and community work which have allowed him to grow thus far.

He has recently married in 2019 to his beautiful wife, Kamryn. (Link to their photo) He grew up in the Northwest Indiana area and has lived there thus far. Sam has been blessed to have been given a great mom and dad who have cared for and supported him throughout life’s endeavors.

He was the favorite of nine children, and because of that he just excelled that much more in life. Not really ☺. He’s had an enormous amount of success in the insurance industry, and he has high expectations for where life will take him through this journey! With much experience in customer service, and project managing, and customer relations he hopes to transfer these experiences into improving as an effective and key team member in the growth of ffl320.

Matthew Borsh

Matthew grew up in northwest IN outside of Chicago.

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He graduated magma cum laude with a bachelors in secondary education and media from a private Christian college. He and his wife of four years, Cynthia, live in Schererville, IN. Matt worked in sales for 6 years in the lawn care industry before finding his true passion here at FFL. He loves protecting families and helping train agents to reach their full potential. He enjoys golf and guns and his favorite beverage is a caramel latte from Starbucks. 

Michael Heuveline

Mike grew up in the great state of Maine.

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He is a fan of all Boston sports teams! He enjoys watching and attending games whenever his time allows.

He moved to Northwest Indiana in 2007 to attend college. While at college, he met and married his wife Olivia. The two have been happily married since 2013. 

Mike worked for the same company for 13 years and served his final 6 years there as a Branch Sales manager before joining the FFL team in the fall of 2020.

He is excited to take advantage of all that FFL has to offer while continuing to help protect families. Mike, is also very passionate about training and mentoring new agents and helping them reach their full potential.

His favorite beverage is Starbucks iced coffee. 

Shawn Barnes

Shawn was raised in an inner city neighborhood in Fort Wayne, IN.

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Upon graduating from college in 2016, he relocated to Rio Rancho, NM to marry his wife, Christina. They have been married for 5 years and have two beautiful children. They moved to Fl in 2019 to serve at a church on the east coast of Florida. 
Shawn had an extensive background in sales prior to joining family first life on a part-time basis in June of 2020. He ultimately saw what a great opportunity this company had to offer so he made the jump full time in September of that same year. 
When shawn is not helping agents or serving families, he can be found enjoying family time or serving at his church in the music and youth programs. 
His favorite drink is kombucha tea.

Administration Team

Joshua Solt

Raised across the pond, on the Island of Fish and Chips, Joshua CAN use a British accent… when he wants to.

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 One of three boys in a missionary family, he learned to serve people at an early age. He prides himself on being flexible and a quick learner. After graduating homeschool/high-school, Joshua hopped on a plane and flew nearly 4,000 miles to the Chicago area to attend Hyles-Anderson College. He will finish his 4 year Bachelor’s degree this spring. Having always worked in a dock setting, either driving forklift or loading trucks by hand, Joshua is finally enjoying a semi-retirement. With excellent working conditions, flexible hours, competitive pay, and friendly coworkers, Family First Life 320 is truly turning out to be his dream job.

Joshua’s favorite drink is a green, frosted NOS energy drink, but in the interest of his health he’s decided to stick to juice and water for the most part.

Victoria Middleton

Victoria grew up in New Jersey, just 7 miles from New York City.

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Her dad was very involved with their church volunteer outreach ministries, and his ministry was geared towards helping the people of NYC. So, from a young age, Victoria learned to help and to work with many different kinds of people. When she was in fifth grade, her dad started his own lawn care business, and she became responsible for the secretarial tasks of the business.

Victoria just recently celebrated one year of marriage with her husband, Philip. Together, they love serving God in their local church in Indianapolis. She currently is the church secretary and also is the contracting manager here at FFL320. She loves organizing, planning, and helping others be successful.

Victoria’s favorite drink is the Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino, double blended, with extra mocha drizzle.

Angel Gonzalez

Angel was born in the state of California, so yes he would be a Cali boy.

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He loves going to the beach, and could stay in the water all day if he could and enjoy the waves. And yes, HE LOVES IN-N-OUT burgers!!! Every time he visits Cali, the first thing Angel does is go straight to IN-N-OUT and the Beach.

Angel grew up in a Christian home with 3 siblings and parents who love the Lord and wanted to serve Him. At the age of 12, his Dad decided to be an Evangelist in Mexico, and he and his family moved to the great city of Mexico, Monterrey!

Angel started loving Monterrey, especially the beautiful mountains there. Translation for Monterrey means – King of Mountains. He and his friends would go hiking, camping, rock-climbing, and hunting, but the best part was the amazing waterfalls. Monterrey felt more like home after a while. Every other summer Angel and his family would visit family in Cali. It was always a great time.

Angel graduated Highschool and was ready for the next step, so he decided to go to Christian College – Hyles Anderson College, which was located in Indiana. That was definitely a huge change as well, but he made it through and graduated college in 3 1/2 years, even finishing a semester early.

Now Angel works at FFL and enjoys it everyday. He gets to help agents reach out to families and help them with their future needs. This is definitely a business worth working for!

Angel’s favorite drink is the Strawberry Acai Refresher from Starbucks

Cynthia Borsh



Ruby Vera

Recruitment Team

Michelle Argueta

Michelle was born and raised in the Chicagoland area after her parents decided to move to America…

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from Guatemala for a better future for their children. Growing up, she always had an interest in numbers. She currently teaches high school math at a private school and helps Family First Life grow successful on the side. She always had the passion to help others become successful in their ways. Having a sharp and qualified team to work alongside is crucial to her; Family First Life is able to live up to those standards. In her spare time, she loves to travel to new areas. She is a city girl with a heart made for the mountains.

Michelle’s favorite coffee drink is a hot cup of coffee from Dunkin with a protein shake on the side.

Daniel Solt

Daniel was born and raised in London, England (sorry no accent).

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You could say that working with people has always been Daniel’s desire. Whether it was helping his parents in their mission work or assisting those in his nearby community, Daniel loved every moment helping others!

When he graduated high school, Daniel moved to the States to attend college, and graduated with his BS in Mission’s Work in the Spring of 2019. Shortly after his time in college, Daniel married his Montana princess, Rachel, and they are expecting a little girl in January of next year! Their future plans are to one day move to a mission field.

Before Family First Life, Daniel worked in a factory environment for six years, but quickly transitioned to Family First Life 320 when he caught on to the vision that is driving this agency. He’s currently works as a recruiter for the company, and spends hours answering questions from prospective agents. His goal in life is to glorify God in all that he does!

Daniel’s favorite drink is medium coffee from Dunkin with two shots of cream and mocha flavoring!

Luz Vera

Luz was born and raised in the north side of Chicago.

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Nathan Harrielson

Nathan has had many experiences with many different positions, but when he found Family First Life he knew he would never work another job.

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In the office Nathan has two goals: to be the very best, and to make everyone laugh. He works every position at 110% (Just like our starting comp level) and gives it his all. Born in Indiana and raised in Arkansas, he has a strange mixture of southern roots with city branches.

Nathan is a born again believer and a graduate from a Bible college with his Bachelors in Theology. He is currently pursuing his masters at the same college. He aspires to one day teach the next generation.

In his personal life, Nathan’s hobby is hobbies. Everything from rock climbing to chess catch his interest, and he has a unique ability to turn everything into a competition. He always seems to care about the game a little too much. To sum Nathan up, He works a little to hard, plays a little to hard, sleeps a little to hard, and loves life to the fullest.

His favorite drink is Black Coffee.

Kaitlyn Badgero

Home grown from Northern Michigan, Kaitlyn brings a unique positivity to the Family First Team.

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She is the middle child with three siblings that she loves… most of the time. She is an optimist to a fault, and seems to find friends wherever she goes. She has a diverse work background and uses her many years of customer service experience to make her coworkers and her recruits feel wanted.
She is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree in education with a desire to help kids learn and make the world a better place.

Kaitlyn’s favorite Starbucks drink is a venti vanilla cream cold brew with three pumps of chai and vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

Sabrina Camacho

Sabrina was born December 26th with a heart of gold.

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Alex Ibarra

Alex was born and raised in Northwest Indiana.

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Chelsea Huntington


Sara Rodriguez

Ever since she was a young girl, Sara always had an interest in technology.

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Today, she is a senior at Purdue Northwest University studying Computer Information Technology. She also has a passion to travel. She found multiple ways to travel on a budget and even started a travel agency to help other people save while traveling. She helps several people here at Family First Life.She loves to be there to help when someone runs into a hardware/software issue or when someone is struggling to budget on a trip.

Sara’s favorite drink is a strawberry acai with light ice from Starbucks

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